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Insurance Option

We are licensed and cover by the Workers’ Compensation Board. If the business you hire is not registered or not making its payments to WorkSafeBC, you could be liable for insurance premiums owing in connection with the work or service being performed on your behalf. Although we do try to be very careful when moving your household items, accident do happen. This is why we offer two type of insurance to protect your precious objects. Before we start let us know which items you would like us to wrap 

Basic insurance is free (70 cents per lb)

Full coverage $110. Fee (up to $600 dollars per Item up to $20,000)

If you need more coverage check with your home insurance which you may already carry A

all high valuable items should be inspected on both ends by the movers and customer present. All high value items should be pointed out before starting the move so they can be shrink wrap and blanket it.

Cash, jewellery, legal documents and other items of very valuable importance are exempt and should not be packed for transport.

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